Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis : advances and perspectives of by Kasugai, Yu; Machtoub, Lina PDF

By Kasugai, Yu; Machtoub, Lina

ISBN-10: 9814463051

ISBN-13: 9789814463058

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5 times more common than average within one-half mile of a lake or pond where cyanobacteria have bloomed. It has been hypothesized that people living around the lakes may have breathed in BMAA from the air, eaten fish contaminated with it, or accidentally swallowed it while swimming. Test were conducted of brain bank tissue to see if the ALS patients in these regions do in fact have elevated levels of BMAA. While the evidence mounts, researchers are already thinking about ways to detect toxic exposure before it causes disease.

Cognitive abnormalities associated with clinical Alzheimer’s disease as defined by NINCDS-ADRDA criteria If these clinical findings occur, then close attention should be paid to the possible diagnosis of other disease processes. LMN and UMN signs may occur together with other clinical signs in disease where the pathologic process is not primary motor neuron degeneration. The physical and neurological examinations will allow for the clinical diagnosis of ALS to a particular degree of certainty as defined above.

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