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By N. M. Chuong, P. G. Ciarlet, P. Lax

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This quantity collects articles in natural and utilized research, partial differential equations, geometric research and stochastic and infinite-dimensional research. particularly, the participants speak about imperative and pseudo-differential operators, which play a huge function in partial differential equations. different equipment of fixing the partial differential equations are thought of, equivalent to the min-max method of variational difficulties and boundary worth difficulties. the principles of quantum mechanics from the viewpoints of infinite-dimensional areas and Bell's inequality and contraction also are pointed out.

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K. Tuan with the Bessel function of the second kind Yv(z)and the Struve function H,,(x) in the kernels' are automorphisms, but not unitary in &(O, m). Taking a composition of Fourier transforms in the form Feix3/3Ff we obtain the following pair of convolution transforms of Watson type3'l4' L 00 g ( z ) = (Aif)(z) = f (Y) = (&)(Y) = / A+ +Y)f(Y)dY, (26) A+ + Y)g(z)dzl (27) 00 --oo with the Airy function Ai(z)in the kernel1 that are unitary on L2(-m, m). Taking a composition of Fourier transforms in the form Fe-aaSinh Ff I a > 0, we obtain another pair of convolution transforms of Watson type41 with the Macdonald function K,(a) in the kernels' that is unitary on L2(-m, m).

Recall that the restriction to the unit sphere SnP1of the homogeneous polynomial P : R" -i R of degree m is called n-dimensional spherical harmonic of degree m. - (m+n-3)! < C(n)mnP2,m 2 2. m! (m - 2)! - (6) The orthonormal base {Ysm(x)}zzl of Tm and the system { Y s m } ~ ~ lis~ = = o a complete orthonormal system in L2(S"-') satisfying If, for instance, q5 E COo(Sn-') then ~ , , , b s m ~ , ( ~ )is the Fourier series expansion of 4(x) with respect to {Y,,(z)}. It converges uniformly to 4 Singular Integral Operators in Functional Spaces of M o n e y Type 37 (see Ref.

The operators KSrn,€and Cs m, E[a, k] are continuous acting from Lpiw(Rn)into itself and satisfy IIKsrn,Efllp,w 5 c(n7P , a ) m n / 2 1 1 f I I p , w , klf Ilp,w 5 C(n1p1 Q)mn/211all*llfIlp,w. II~sm,E[al (13) Proof. Let €, and ,& I, be ellipsoids centered a t x E R" and of radius and ~ / 2 respectively. 2, and the same arguments as therein lead to IKsrn,cf(x)I L ~ ( nP , a)mn/' , (M(IfIn)(x))l'q Singular Integral Operators in Functional Spaces of Morrey Type 41 for any q E ( 1 , ~ )It. 1 in order to get (13).

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