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By Alan Poling

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vii medicinal drugs and intercourse are issues approximately which most folk have powerful critiques and vulnerable figuring out. wisdom of every should be won in lots of methods, all with linked rewards and hazards. like several textbooks, this one used to be written within the trust that studying can foster studying. The publication is meant to introduce ideas of behavioral pharmacology to readers with very little wisdom of the self-discipline yet with an curiosity in how medications have an effect on human habit. Gleaning something of worth from the textual content calls for issues from the reader. the 1st is a willingness to just accept an research of drug results that stocks little with folklore or good judgment no­ tions of drug motion. the second one is a willingness to just accept the truth that the behavioral results of gear are advanced and depend on a large variety of pharmacological and behavioral variables. until one knows those components and the way they verify a drug's activities, the behavioral results of substances could be neither pre­ dicted nor meaningfully defined. If it does not anything else, this quantity will make it visible that the behavioral results of substances are lawful and will be estimated and understood at the foundation of well-established kin among empirical phenomena. De­ scribing those relatives and exploring how they permit behavioral ix x PREFACE pharmacologists to make experience of drug results which are differently incomprehensible was once a massive objective in getting ready the text.

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In the United States. patent laws ensure that a company that has developed a new chemical (or a new use for an old chemical) has for a period of 17 years protected control of that product. After that time. anyone is free to market the drug. although any brand name associated with it continues to be protected. If a patented drug has been profitable. it is likely that many companies will begin to produce it as soon as the period of protection afforded by patent laws expires. Although this may seem to be no more than good old American capitalism.

1983). and it may one day be possible to use biochemical assays to predict how an individual will respond to a particular drug. It may, however, also be possible to predict and explain drug effects without recourse to biochemistry. This possibility is explored in the balance of the present text. CHAPTER 3 Overview of Behavioral Psychology 51 Behavioral psychology as it exists today is a young discipline. 1 Although its philosophical underpinnings have their origins in antiquity, most writers who review the historical development of the field begin their story about the turn of the present century.

Energy is used to move a substance across a membrane; this movement need not depend upon a favorable concentration gradient. (Facilitated diffusion. though very similar to active transport. does require a favorable concentration gradient. The uptake of glucose is an example of this process). A number of factors influence the movement of drugs through passive diffusion. One is the concentration gradient: All else being equal, the greater the difference in concentration across a membrane. the more rapid the rate of movement.

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