Mark A. Noll's A History of Christianity in the United States and Canada PDF

By Mark A. Noll

ISBN-10: 0802837034

ISBN-13: 9780802837035

From the vigorous severities of the 17th-century Pilgrims and Puritans to the ebullience of the televanglism age, the Christian event in North the USA is wealthy and sundry. Noll covers all of it during this brilliant narrative survey. Tracing the expansion of Christian trust and associations and their interactions with tradition within the U.S. and Canada from the colonial interval to the current, his process is huge and complete. Many biographical profiles upload a private size to the narrative.

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This establishment would eventually lend a very different flavor to religion in the Chesapeake region than it had in New England. Other circumstances of Virginia's early history also con­ tributed to its differences from New England, especially an early turn to growing tobacco for export and an early introduction of black chattel slavery. Still, it is possible to glimpse in the early years of the colony some of the 37 BEGINNINGS same devotion and the same Puritan fervor that played such a large part in the settlement of New England.

From her new residence in Quebec, Marie took an active interest in the various Indian groups of the region and played a major part in wr iting grammars, liturgies, and catechisms in Huron and Algonquian for the native converts. She also wrote back thousands of letters to France in which she poured out her concern for her family in the old country and gave expression to a deep, mystical faith. By the time of her death she had been joined by several younger women in religious orders who continued her work.

The mainstay of the mission­ ary enterprise was the Jesuit Andrew White ( 1 579- 1 656) . White was a de­ termined proponent of Thomas Aquinas's theology and had labored as both a priest in England and a teacher in France before coming to aid the Calverts. In the New World, White preached energetically to the European colonists. For these efforts, ironically, he was reprimanded by the Calverts for en­ dangering their colony (by stirring up the Protestants) . But White's most important work was among the Piscataway Indians.

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