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This e-book fills a gaping chasm in chess literature. For years, those that desire to tackle the black aspect of the Ruy Lopez have needed to clutter their approach via opposed to the diversity of different openings at White's disposal. This e-book offers a call of structures for Black, to counter whatever White may perhaps attempt which will stay away from the Ruy Lopez - the Scotch, King's Gambit, Italian online game, 4 Knights, and so forth.

Action Chess: Purdy's 24 Hours Opening Repertoire - download pdf or read online

I'll trust different reviewers in declaring the adverse reponses to this paintings are manner off the mark. the aim of this paintings, as acknowledged within the identify, is to supply the reader with a brief establishing repertoire. presently i am rated 1977 USCF and because studying this paintings a few years in the past I nonetheless make the most of the black part of Purdy's repertoire.

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KtKtS HK4 IO. KQ7 UKtl I I . KtA7 BR2. If 8. KtKi5 BKtl. ,. R-Kt3 9 Kt-B5 K-K6 10 Kt,,,,,,,R4 b R 4 11 Kt-Kt2 K-QS. Preventing 12. Kt-EM. 9 MINOR PIEtX AND P A W v. Amsterdam, 1950. Rt+P v . Kt is ;a more favowable arrangcmnt OF pieces for White, and the RP is then much bhe strongest pawn. Here White wins with a RP on the fourth. I ... Kt-K3 ch. 2 K,-B6 Kt-% 3 P-R5 Kt-K5 ch. 4 K-B7 K--B6 In the game, Black lost after 4 . KtKt4ch.? 5. KKt"lRK5 6. PR6 KH4 7 . RtB8 Kg15 8. KKtB KR5 9. KtQ7 KKtS 10 K t K S ch.

KK3. 3 . P-Kt4 - ... blockade. br advacced they we, foirr pawns tend to be somewhat better than a minor 315 Black's b a t chances occur wwnhis pawns are widely spread. piecc and pawn. Zf advanced they may defcat a knight a d pawn, otherwise they draw. As usual bishop is stronger, and may win if Black's pawns are far hack. I n the ending Thomas v . FIobr, ~ a s t i n g i 1935-36, , White's king is badly placed outside the square of Rlack's p w d pawns, yct the p m c should h drawn. 1 B-42 Controlling the advanm o f tfme QRP snd OP from one diagonal, Kl-QRS.

This study is Kt-R2 2 Kt-TCG A great weakness of the knight: if on the edge of the board it may b o r n e trap&. 2 K-R 1 .. 3 P-B3 Whitc wins If 2... RQ2 3. BB1 BBJ 4. BKt5 5 R-R6. 123 Thee are w~ptions to by Nalberstadt. X Kt-B4 125 Centurini, 1856. A RP on the firth wins because the critical diagonal has only rhrcc sqmra. Drawn 126 A KtP on the fifth draws if Btack has the direct opposiiion, which with the move he takes, I K-Kt6 2. B-Kt6 &Kt4 3. &B2 (3. KRt7 KRS 4. KB6 KKt6 S. BQG 9 MINOR PIECE AND PAWN v.

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