New PDF release: 360 Brilliant and Instructive Endgames

By A. A.Troitzky

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This e-book fills a gaping chasm in chess literature. For years, those that desire to tackle the black aspect of the Ruy Lopez have needed to litter their manner via opposed to the diversity of different openings at White's disposal. This e-book provides a call of platforms for Black, to counter something White may possibly try out so that it will steer clear of the Ruy Lopez - the Scotch, King's Gambit, Italian online game, 4 Knights, and so on.

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I'll consider different reviewers in pointing out the unfavourable reponses to this paintings are approach off the mark. the aim of this paintings, as acknowledged within the name, is to supply the reader with a brief commencing repertoire. at present i am rated 1977 USCF and because examining this paintings a couple of years in the past I nonetheless make the most of the black aspect of Purdy's repertoire.

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G 0 ! h x g 1 5 O h s O f 6 1 6 t 3 ! l N d 6 1 7 N c 3 '18 Be6 fxg! K96 29 Nf4t Kxgs 30 Be6 threatensmate Bf6 3l c4! e 6 8 B s 2N e 7 9 N b 5 l ! B x b 2 1 5 R a b l B c 3 1 6 N x b 4 Bxb4 17 Bc1| f6 18 Bb2 e5 19 95 Nc6 20 gxf Og4 21 fxe dxe 22 Oe3 Ohs 23 Ng5 Bc8 24t7J Kg7 25 Of4l Kh6 26 Ne6t exf 27 Bg7 mate. INDEX Blockade Supplement 1913 Appendix One: The New System,WienerSchachzeitung,October Two: A l\4odernFantasvAbout A Tschigor;nThere. KoldingI 923 1924 Giersing,CoPenhagen 1913 Gregory,St.

Af7, Od3, Re8. 13 b5? Unnecessaryweakening. Why not sim' p$ Ad2? 94there follows Nel or even Nh4 with a later push f3. Generallyhere gS hasweakenedthe Black king wing without accomplishing anything on the other side. Ndg 14 dxes dxes 15 e414 16h3 Kh8 17 g4! h5 18 Nd2? The acceptedmarchingroute wasself' evidently Nf&el-d3 and eventuallyfurther after b4 and d5. 18,,,K97 An un' realizabledream of attack: much better wascompletingdevelopmentby Nf7 and Be6, 1913cF The preferenceisstill Nf7 then Be6.

Qe8 Here Ne4, as follows in the gamea move later, wasimmediately indicated. The queen witl be able to go to e7 later on. To understand the position requires the fore sight to grasp the knowledge that the possible push e4 or d5 rcspectively can only occur after suitablepreparationstakeplace. 9 b4 Ne4! 10 Bb2 Nxc3 11 Bxc3 Bf6 12 O0 95? Positionalmeasureswere, in my opinion, indicated before all otherc. e. exdexd. Af7, Od3, Re8. 13 b5? Unnecessaryweakening. Why not sim' p$ Ad2? 94there follows Nel or even Nh4 with a later push f3.

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